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Cheekynerds was established on 23 October 2010.

This is a section for you guys to know more about me :)

I'm a student, Jacelyn. The reason I had opened this blog shop is to earn extra income $$. And, I hope to share with you guys with this sweet little stuffs! Another reason of opening this blog shop is because, I really couldn't stand those owners who are unreasonable, rude and those who are actually scammers. They had spoilt the whole image of online shopping for the customers. So... I had decided to open Cheekynerds! A place which sells handmade accessories just for you. If you're one who can't live without wearing any accessories on your body, this is the right place for you! In addition, I'm also here to show the shoppers out there and you that there are still nice and easy-going blog shops owners around! :)

Once again, thanks for trusting us and hope you have an enjoyable trip at Cheekynerds, while we provide you the best of the best! Enjoy shopping at Cheekynerds! Cheers!

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Jacelyn - Cheekynerds